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Wedding Flowers

We have two different paths for Weddings, Fully Custom and A La Carte. In the fully custom option you choose all of the specific flowers, ribbon, colors, etc down to the last detail. This option requires a minimum investment of $2500, however how you allocate that is entirely up to you. It could be that you have a large wedding party and it's all personal flowers, or no wedding party and it's just flowers for the couple and some large decor pieces, or a small bridal party and centerpieces for the reception, or any combination of things. Don't need a full service option? Maybe you're eloping or just overwhelmed with decisions. That's where the A La Carte option is perfect. For the A La Carte Option you choose your vibe and color palette and then choose your items from the A La Carte Menu. View the A La Carte Menu here: Book a Wedding Consult here: