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Wedding Flowers

We have two different paths for Weddings, Fully Custom and A La Carte. In the fully custom option you choose all of the specific flowers, ribbon, colors, etc down to the last detail. This option requires a minimum investment of $2500, however how you allocate that is entirely up to you. It could be that you have a large wedding party and it's all personal flowers, or no wedding party and it's just flowers for the couple and some large decor pieces, or a small bridal party and centerpieces for the reception, or any combination of things. Don't need a full service option? Maybe you're eloping or just overwhelmed with decisions. That's where the A La Carte option is perfect. For the A La Carte Option you choose your vibe and color palette and then choose your items from the A La Carte Menu. View the A La Carte Menu here: Book a Wedding Consult here:

Pink Wedding Flowers

Pink flowers range from pale Asiatic lilies to vibrant hot pink gerberas and create a feeling of peace and harmony. A wedding table centerpiece might mix pink stock, larkspur and lisianthus with hot pink and light pink roses.

White Wedding Flowers

White flowers are as pure and clean as a fresh snowfall. Use white roses for a winter wedding, or calla lilies at any time of year. White daisies are sweet in springtime, while white chrysanthemums and orchids can be used all year round.

Orange Wedding Flowers

Orange flowers are perfect for fall ceremonies, and include peach or burnt-orange roses, dazzling dahlias and coral-hued gerberas. Ask for them in centerpieces, accented with tiny pumpkins and a curl of golden ribbon.

Blue Wedding Flowers

Blue flowers include lofty blue irises, puffy hydrangea and striking blue delphinium. Ask for blue blossoms in a bridal bouquet as your 'something blue,' or to cast a cool tone over an outdoor wedding reception.

Yellow Wedding Flowers

Yellow flowers are sunny and bright, and add a cheerful spirit to any celebration. Ask a florist to use yellow lilies, lemon-yellow snapdragons or brilliant yellow sunflowers in the floral designs for your summertime wedding.

Purple Wedding Flowers

Purple flowers are whimsical and unique. The rich purples of dahlias make a fanciful statement during a wedding ceremony, while pale mauve lilacs and lavender roses have an old-fashioned, artistic charm.

Green Wedding Flowers

Green flowers are unexpected and elegant. Use pale green roses to brighten up a centerpiece, or viburnum to accent a wedding bouquet. Light green cymbidium orchids bring an alluring drama to your wedding flowers, while light green gladiolus and green tul